5:00-6:00pm: Registration (University of Toronto, Lillian Massey Building, 125 Queens Park, Entrance Hall)

6:00-6:15 pm: Welcome remarks (Lillian Massey Building, Rm. 220)

6:15-7:15 pm: Opening Keynote (Lillian Massey Building, Rm. 220)

Sue Alcock (University of Michigan): Mixing it up in Roman provincial studies

7:15-8:30pm: Reception (Lillian Massey Building, Rm. 205)


WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 4th at the Royal Ontario Museum, Glass Room (enter the museum through the Crystal entrance on Bloor Street any time after 8:45am)

SESSION 1: 9:30-11:00am

Definitions and Approaches: What is ‘provincial’? (Geography, Chronology, Material)

Astrid Van Oyen (Cornell University): Provincializing Roman Italy: What makes a ‘provincial’ Roman archaeology?

Katarina Batur (University of Zadar) and Irena Radić Rossi (University of Zadar): Challenges in defining provincial shipbuilding: A case study of the Adriatic area

Kimberly Cassibry (Wellesley College): The tyranny of the Dying Gaul:  Looking beyond the provinces to counter an ethnic stereotype

Respondent: Alejandro Sinner (University of Victoria)

COFFEE BREAK: 11:00-11:30am

SESSION 2: 11:30am – 12:30pm

Imparting Empire and Provincialism: How do disciplinary and geographic traditions affect and change our analysis of the provinces?

Tatiana Ivleva (Newcastle University): To be a bangle or not to be? Russian, Dutch and Anglo-Saxon views on a Romano-British artefact

Rob Collins (Newcastle University): Rejecting the Classics, Embracing the Provincial: An American peregrinus from Hadrian’s Wall

Respondent: Matthew McCarty (University of British Columbia)

LUNCH BREAK: 12:30-2:00pm

SESSION 3: 2:00-4:30pm

Generating a global and multidisciplinary discourse on provincial realities

Jennifer Baird (Birkbeck University): Othering the Roman Provinces: The Roman Middle East between Ancient and Modern

Anne Hunnell Chen (Brown University): Origins and Antidotes of Omission: Southeastern Europe and the SEEDD Project

COFFEE BREAK: 3:00-3:30pm

Blanka Misic (Champlain Lennoxville College): Reassessing religious networks in Southern Pannonia: A cognitive perspective

Martin Pitts (University of Exeter): Cross-provincial mélange? Mass consumption and circulating objects in the Roman West

Respondent: Alexander Meyer (University of Western Ontario)

4:30-5:00pm: Discussion and Debate

6:30-7:30pm: Closing Keynote (Lillian Massey Building, Rm. 220)

Peter van Dommelen (Brown University): Provincializing Empire: Articulating local and cultural interactions across the Roman world

To register for the conference or to get more information please email the organizing committee at In order to register simply email your commitment to attend. There is no payment necessary.